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Crystal Tower

Bucharest, Romania

Dazzling energy-efficient landmark

The Crystal Tower in central Bucharest is home to the Romanian headquarters of ING Bank. The stunning office building was designed by architect Adrian Spirescu to look like a crystal uncovered in the grey stone that is predominant in the Romanian capital. This affect is achieved by the building’s asymmetric profile, with a glass façade cut at different angles. Unique to Bucharest, the tower is also topped with a helipad.


The tower’s striking and innovative design is matched by a number of innovative and sustainable features, including a double-skin glass façade. This design is just one of the features we used to help Crystal Tower achieve more energy efficiency and a BREEAM "Excellent" rating.

The building developers wanted a modern, energy-efficient and versatile air conditioning solution for the entire building.

"Ultimately, we wanted an energy-efficient building and Daikin provided the optimum solution."

- SC Plaza Development srl

A major achievement in sustainable building and design


To help Crystal Tower maximise its energy efficiency, we planned to combine the power of air-cooled VRV, water-cooled VRV and chillers to deliver an all-in-one climate control solution. As one of the few manufacturers to offer this kind of solution, we were able to help this high-rise building achieve heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water and optimise each for large and small spaces.

Crystal Tower won the Bucharest Architecture "Eco Architecture Award" in 2012 and was also named as "Green Project of the Year" by the Romanian Green Building Council. It is a shining example of how an innovative building design, combined with the latest climate control technology, can deliver highly sustainable results for tall buildings in urban environments.

Solution at a glance


This installation included a surface area of 16,900m2 (15 floors in total). In addition to a water loop for VRV water-cooled modules, boilers and cooling towers, this installation also includes:

  • 3 VRV III outdoor units 
  • 67 water-cooled VRV outdoor units 
  • 265 concealed ceiling units 
  • 24 4-way blow cassette units 
  • 5 Sky Air outdoor units 
  • 5 4-way blow cassette units 
  • 1 air-cooled multi-scroll chiller 
  • 1 air-cooled screw chiller 
  • 11 BACnet interface

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    To help Crystal Tower maximise its energy efficiency, we planned to combine the power of air-cooled VRV, water-cooled VRV and chillers to deliver an all-in-one climate control solution.
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