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Ghent, Belgium


Belgian real estate developer Immogra has built up a strong image over its 45 years of experience, with more than 3,500 successful completed projects including communal housing, apartments, offices, commercial spaces and mixed premises.  Their collaboration with renowned architects and contractors is based on quality and durability.

When the company moved its head office to a brand-new building, great importance was therefore placed on the use of quality materials and the building’s finished appearance. The result is a showcase for Immogra clients including project developers and architects.

The chosen concept was created by Ghent architectural firm CAAN Architecten, with interior designs supplied by JUMA Architects. Daikin was responsible for the heating, cooling and ventilation system design.

“We chose to work with the latest, innovative technologies in order to give our new office building the right look and to serve as a reference for the architects,”

- Patric De Pauw, Technical Manager at Immogra

HVAC as one package

Immogra sought a technical solution for the HVAC systems which combined heating, cooling and ventilation in a single package.

Since the building has both south- and north-facing offices, the Daikin VRV IV three-pipe heat recovery system was the preferred option. This system allows each room to be cooled and heated separately to suit different building user needs.

FXSQ-A installation picture

Fine detailing with fully integrated HVAC system


The architecture of the new building informed the decision to install suspended ceilings. For aesthetic reasons, all pipes and components had to be fully concealed. Nowhere is a ventilation grille visible nor do heating elements intrude into the clean interior at any point.

Close supervision was essential, because the available space in the ceilings was often limited and the integration had to be perfect down to the last detail. To ensure a fast response, Alfa-CT chose to maintain a small team on site continuously. This allowed them to work very flexibly, intervene quickly and ensure that everything went according to plan. The work proceeded very smoothly, even given the high standard of finishing and took no more than five months to complete.

A single point of contact


Explains Lieven Verstaen, Product Manager at Daikin Belgium:

“Our good technical support and permanent hotline make it possible to respond promptly, provide the necessary assistance and start the installation quickly. More than 50 employees are on hand to provide technical support during the entire life cycle of the installation. Through this continuous monitoring, we are seeing both the quality and the service life of our systems increase.”

In addition, potential problems are identified in advance by accurate monitoring using the VRV Cloud system. Internal parameters are measured, and as soon as abnormal trends are observed, the maintenance company and end customer are notified to allow timely intervention.

This guarantees maximum energy efficiency, optimum comfort and maximum availability of the VRV system. Ultimately, this also extends the life span of the systems.

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